Father’s Day

Dad, what are you doing to make a difference when Father’s Day is over?

“Dennis Rainey, president of FamilyLife, was driving home at the end of one particularly long day, looking forward to relaxing. But his plans came to a halt when he turned on the radio and heard someone say, ‘I hope you did something of value today. You wasted a whole day if you didn’t.’

Realizing the most important work of his day was yet to be done, 10 minutes later he turned into his driveway. Six pairs of eyes soon surrounded his car with shouts of ‘Daddy … Daddy … Daddy!’

‘I did my best that night, and on the many nights that followed while my kids were growing up,” Dennis writes, “to leave, with God’s help, a legacy that counts. A legacy that will outlive me.’”

Cited from article, “Applauding Dads for what they do well” by Mary May Larmoyeux