Clothing Tags – Praying for the Nations

When I was in college, each year there would be a special missions-emphasis week. It was always an interesting week hearing from missionaries, missions pastors, and others sharing what God was doing around the world.

On one particular day, one of the speakers challenged us to start praying for the nations. Even if you weren’t planning to become a missionary, you could still pray. The question then became, “Where do I start?”

The speaker gave us a really helpful hint, that I’ll never forget. If you want to pray for the nations, but can’t think of where to start, do this:

  • As you get ready for the day, look at the labels on each item of clothing that you are about to put on. It will say which country it was made in.shirt tag
  • Whether it was made in the USA, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, or some other country, you can pray for that county.
  • Pray for the leadership. Pray for the people. Pray for any missionaries that might be serving in that country.

Doesn’t take long, and before you’re dressed, you might have prayed for two, three, four, or even up to seven countries – depending on how extensive your outfit is for the day!