VBS – A Great Week!

We had a great week at VBS! Thank you to the many volunteers and leaders who helped our 135 (average daily attendance) kids to have a great week!

Joseph helped us to learn that:

  • God gives us hope – even in our darkest, saddest, and scariest days.DSC_4335
  • God gives us special abilities – things that help make us special and we all have a spiritual gift from God.
  • God gives us wisdom – when we ask for it, God promises to give us wisdom to make good, wise decisions.
  • God gives us forgiveness – we don’t always get things right, and need God’s forgiveness when we mess up.
  • God gives us family – whether it’s our immediate family or a large family like a church family, God gives us special people to love and care for us.

DSC_4341What was your (or your kid’s) favorite part of VBS?