Free Indeed

AP_Documents_DeclarationofIndependenceOn Monday our nation will celebrate our 240th Independence Day also know as July 4th and by some Freedom Day.

On July 2nd, 1776 our founding fathers voted to break away from British rule and establish an independent nation known as the United States of America.

The actual signing of the declaration took place on July 4th, 1776 thus we celebrate our independence (freedom) on July 4th.

It is interesting to note that on July 4th 1826 two of the original signers of the declaration, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who served as presidents, both died 50 years to the date of the signing.

In thinking about what independence means to me I go back 50 years and reflect on my service in Cuba and then my service in Vietnam. In Cuba no one has freedom, all people did as the government said, no questions asked. In Vietnam, I was fighting to keep Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand free from communism.

You and I live in a land where we are free to choose where we live, what we will do for a living, and who we will marry. We are free to travel to any part of this great land – with no restrictions.

In John’s Gospel chapter 8 verses 31 -36, John deals with the issue of freedom. He presents three concepts concerning freedom:

  1. Truth gives you freedom
  2. Sin keeps you in slavery
  3. True freedom is found in Christ

Have a wonderful July 4th holiday!