Marriage Matters

Starting this month, I will be dedicating a monthly blog post to a topic related to marriage. A series, I’m calling “Marriage Matters.” During the first week of each month, you can expect a new topic and/or practical tip to help you and your spouse
strengthen your relationship. At Grace Point we are committed to helping marriages and families grow strong!

The first institution created by God was marriage. As one reflects on Genesis 1:27 we see that the relationship between a man and woman reflects the image of God.

There is no question that we see a great number of problems and conflicts in our culture and around the world. While there are many factors, we must first start with the struggles we find within marriages and families.

Healthy families mean healthy communities. One of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is a happy and stable marriage relationship.

This month I offer two practical suggestions for your marriage:

  1. First, make your marriage a matter of daily prayer. Pray for your spouse. Ask God to give you a deeper love for your spouse. Pray together for your family.
  2. Second, spend time together. Do you have a regular date night once a week or at least once a month? (This date should be without children.) Do you have a time each week to talk to each other, not about what’s going on in the world but what’s going on in your heart? Are you sharing your life’s vision?

Watch for more details concerning our upcoming marriage events!