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Book review by Sue Gibson ~

Recently I read a wonderful book I discovered in the GP Library, Counted With the Stars, by Connilyn Cossette. This biblical fiction novel is the first in the amazing Out of Egypt trilogy, which is offered in our library. The story traces the journey of Kiya, a young Egyptian slave woman, during the time when the terrifying plagues strike Egypt. She chooses to flee with the Hebrews when Moses leads them out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. Hope in and redemption through the Lord is highlighted in Counted With the Stars as Kiya surrenders her life and future to Yahweh.

The second book, Shadow of the Storm, continues during the first year’s journey following the cloud as God leads the Hebrews through the wilderness. This book follows the life of Shira, a young Hebrew woman who serves as a mid-wife and who worships Yahweh, but is not sure of His purpose for her life. This is complicated further after a tragic delivery. But God’s faithfulness can be traced through the pages of Shadow of the Storm.

The final book, Wings of the Wind , pursues the adventures of Alanah, a youthful Canaanite woman who is captured in battle by a Hebrew warrior. God’s sovereignty places her in a strategic location during the battle of Jericho. Alanah’s family is killed in battle with the Hebrews, and she disguises herself, sneaks onto the battlefield and determines to avenge her family. See how God works behind the scenes to accomplish HIS plans!

All three books in this trilogy will inspire you to read the background for these stories in your Bible. You will be kept in suspense as God brings a loving Hebrew man into each of their lives.

Our GP Library has all three of these wonderful books, and I encourage you to visit the library very soon! ~ Sue Gibson

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