Elder Prayer (01/17/21)

Loving Father,

We praise You, the Creator of the whole universe. There is no one like You! You brought this world into being, and You graciously allowed our nation to be founded so that people could live in freedom and experience prosperity. But we confess that we have made the quest for prosperity and even living in freedom into gods that we worship sometimes even more than we worship You. We are so prone to look to this world for meaning and purpose, to try to find substitutes for Jesus. And these fake saviors lure us into sin, darkness and enslavement. Forgive us, we pray, and wash us clean. Free us to be all that You have called us to in Christ.

Jesus, we are in awe of You, our Savior and Redeemer. You laid down Your power before broken, hateful men and women so that, as Your children, each one of us could live in relationship with You and to be reconciled to one another. It’s in Your name and by the power of Your Spirit that we can experience hope for today and for the future.

Help us to see clearly more of who You are, and calm our anxious hearts. Give us grace to see beyond this moment and to believe that there is nothing to fear in light of Your greatness!

We pray that Grace Point and each of the Bible believing churches in our community would effectively reach out in love to others who we perhaps don’t understand. Help us to build bridges that would lead to life transformation. Help us to give up our hateful speech and prideful devotion to agendas (political and otherwise) in favor of a deeper devotion to You and a stronger love for others who are different, or who dislike us.

Our great God, we ask You to accomplish amazing things in this world through Your willing servants, each of our missionaries, as well as each one of us, graciously taking Your truth into societies that deny the truth and even deny the ability to know truth.

We ask that You would equip Amchit Baptist Church in Lebanon to share Your love despite the pandemic lockdowns. Please give the younger generation leaders a vision for staying and trusting in You. And continue to heal and strengthen Pastor Joseph, that he and his church can be strengthened to show Your love to their community.

Break down walls and open hearts so that Your kingdom may be established in this world more and more for Your honor and glory… we pray in the unparalleled name of our King Jesus —AMEN.

(Keith Brown, Elder)