Elder Prayer (10/9/22)

Father in Heaven, You are our salvation and our strength. Who else is like You? To whom else can we turn? You are holy and just, yet Your mercy is boundless and Your grace immeasurable. You dwell in infinite eternal majesty, yet You draw close to the broken hearted and to all who call on You in truth.

Remind us this day of Your loyal love displayed through the sacrifice of Your Son Jesus, who gave up infinite love and glory with You to come here, become like us, live among us, and suffer and die on a cross for us. All so we could come to You. May He be lifted higher and receive all of the praise and glory in all that we do here this morning.

Father, as we rise each morning to face our challenges, feeling so inadequate, help us to hear Your Spirit’s whisper that Your grace is sufficient and Your power is made perfect in our weakness. May we know that The Holy Hindrances we struggle with are specially designed by You to help us realize how utterly helpless we truly are, and of our deep need for You in every aspect of our lives.

We know that You care deeply about what is broken in our lives, and in this world, and we’re reminded that You are making all things new. Lord Jesus, Your death and resurrection are a promise for us that neither evil nor suffering, nor broken relationships, physical ailments, financial issues, cancer, not even death have the last word. Certainly, You are coming soon. Thank You for this true and steadfast hope.

Father, some of us this morning don’t believe that You exist, or don’t believe You are powerful enough, or simply don’t believe You care. We lay all of our fears, questions, doubts and needs before You, knowing that Your Spirit is able to quietly speak to each situation and struggle, gently reminding us that Faith is believing what You have said in Your Word, not what we see or feel.

We have many plans Father, individually, and corporately as a church. While it’s natural for us to wish and to plan, help us see that it‘s also merciful for You to sometimes disappoint our plans and to frustrate our wishes to wean us from our own wills and make us simply desirous of being directed by Your loving hand, regardless of the outcome. Use these Holy Interruptions to remind us that You are God and we are not, and that You’re more concerned with obedience than with output.

We lay before You the upcoming retreats, for our men, women and students, as they gather together to encourage and be encouraged. May Your Spirit be felt amongst them all, as they grow together in community, learning and love.

We lay before You the various events we have planned for families and kids, like Kids Focus Party, Trunk or Treat, and Own Winter Night. May these be used by You to draw those to You as they see us love as You loved.

We continue to ask You for provision, protection and promise for our team leaving for Lebanon in a few weeks. As they prepare to go, help each of us to pray daily for them in faith that Your purposes will be accomplished.

In all we do, help us Lord Jesus be the salt and light You’ve called us to be in a world hurdling out of control toward an eternity without You. Outside of these walls a dying world in desperation calls. Help each of us to have open ears and hearts to respond to that call.

We lift up to You our Pastors, Elders and staff who labor many hours, in sacrificial silence, due to their deep love for You and desire to see more people become fully committed followers of Jesus. We lift up to You our many missionaries who labor in unknown places around the world and have given up so much, all to see Your Kingdom increase. We lift up to You our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, laboring with Horizons and at Amchit Church, who long to see their families, friends and neighbors come to know Your Amazing Grace.

In all of our labors, You’ve said that we will encounter trials and tribulations, and suffer and feel real pain. We will experience what appears to us as setbacks and disappointments. But,

When stormy winds against us break,
establish and reinforce our will.
Hear us for Your own name’s sake
Lord, hold us in strength and hold us still.

Still as the faithful mountains stand
through the long silent years of stress.
So would we wait at Your right hand
in quietness and steadfastness.

But not of us, this strength, O Lord
and not of us, this constancy.
Our trust is Your eternal Word
Your presence, our security.

(Amy Carmichael)

We pray this all as we stand in Your presence ready to hear Your Word, covered by the blood of Your Precious Son Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world; our Savior, Lord, and friend.


(David Kneller, Elder)