Elder Prayer (10/30/22)

Thank You, our great and loving Father, for providing Pastor Dave Wolf, and Pastor Steve Weir, and Pastor Jeremy Davis! We need men like these pastors who bring us back to You, who pray for us and with us, who encourage us in our walk with You and model that for us, and who challenge us to see our lives from Your perspective.  

Thank You, too, for all of the ministry staff who do so many things that help build Your kingdom—here at Grace Point and around the world, from budgeting to paying the bills, from preparing for inspiring meetings to cleaning up after meetings, from helping to organize small group leaders to developing teams of volunteers. Everything that goes into even just one ministry week here at Grace Point depends on Your Spirit working and equipping. Thank You that You are using each of these staff to serve consistently and faithfully. And thank You for helping them to be adept at flexing with all of the plot twists that come with serving the Body of Christ.

We ask that Your Spirit move powerfully in the hearts of the 27 youth on the retreat this weekend. Use Jeremy Davis and each of his volunteers to listen well to the students, to share the truth of Jesus’ love, and to call them to faith and to holiness.  Thank You for many answers to prayers for last week’s Men’s Retreat, and we ask You to do Your work to transform hearts during the Women’s Retreat in two weeks.

In the same way, please bring to bear Your transformational power at Amchit Baptist Church in Lebanon. They are broken in so many ways, yet their hope is in You, Lord! And direct all of the paths of our Grace Point team as they go to be there this week. May they work together in unity.

We ask Your Spirit to encourage and equip members of each Grace Point small group, in the marriages, in every family, and within the hearts of each person here today (or joining online). May the strength of Your unending love be the driving force that holds each of us close to You and pours out love through us to others. Please mold each one of us into instruments of Your peace in our schools, homes, neighborhoods, and at work—and anywhere You take us.

We confess that we have not been as loving toward others as You have called us to be. Instead, we get into comparisons and envy what others have, we boast and forget that all we have is from You. Father, please forgive us! You have every reason to give up on us the way that we sometimes give up ourselves, but instead Your love is unceasing and unfailing. You love us so much better than we love ourselves.

Father, we ask for Your strength to face this day—and all of the days to come—filled with the wisdom that comes from You, that is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere [James 3:17b].

Just as Jesus was patient and kind, may we also exhibit Your supernatural kindness and patience. As He did not envy or boast, was not arrogant or rude, did not insist on His own way, was never irritable or resentful, and did not rejoice at wrongdoing, may we live today and every day like our Master.

Let us rejoice with the truth, and bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things, even as Jesus did. For Your honor, help our love—supplied, refreshed, and overwhelmed by Yours—to never end [I Corinthians 13:4-8a)]

We pray all of this in the name of our Savior, Jesus! AMEN!

~Keith Brown, Elder