Resources – January 22

Below is a list of helpful books and resources from trusted authors.

Out of a Far Country by Christopher Yuan

Years of heartbreak, confusion, and prayer followed before the Yuans found a place of complete surrender, which is God’s desire for all families. Their amazing story, told from the perspectives of both mother and son, offers hope for anyone affected by homosexuality.

Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie grew up fatherless and experienced gender confusion. She embraced…homosexuality [and] knew that Christians had a lot to say about all of the above. But was she supposed to change herself? At age nineteen, Jackie came face-to-face with what it meant to be made new.

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield

There are some stories that just need to be told—some testimonies of the Lord’s grace that are so unusual and so encouraging that they will bless everyone who hears them. This is exactly the case with Rosaria Butterfield. 

Openness Unhindered by Rosaria Butterfield

This book answers many questions that people pose when Rosaria speaks at universities and churches, questions not only about her unlikely conversion to Christ, but about personal struggles that the questioners only dare to ask someone else who’s traveled a long and painful journey.

What God Has to Say About Our Bodies by Sam Allberry

Sam offers biblical guidance for living, including understanding gender, sexuality, and identity; dealing with aging, illness, and death; and considering the physical future hope that we have in Christ.

Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcey

Pearcey goes beyond politically correct slogans with a riveting exposé of the dehumanizing worldview that shapes current watershed moral issues. A former agnostic, she makes a surprising and persuasive case that Christianity is holistic, sustaining the dignity of the body and biology.

God and the Transgender Debate by Andrew T. Walker

This faithful, compassionate book helps Christians under-stand what the Bible says about gender identity. Also includes a section on pronoun usage and a chapter challenging some claims of the transgender movement.

Holy Sexuality and the Gospel by Christopher Yuan

Whether you want to share Christ with a loved one who identifies as gay or you’re wrestling with questions of identity yourself, this book will help you understand sexuality in light of God’s grand story and realize that holy sexuality is actually good news for all.

The End of Sexual Identity by Jenell Prais

Anthropologist Jenell Williams Paris offers a Christian framework for sexual holiness that accounts for complex postmodern realities. She assesses problems with popular cultural and Christian understandings of heterosexuality and homosexuality alike.

When Harry Became Sally by Ryan T. Anderson

This book provides thoughtful answers to questions arising from our transgender moment. Drawing on insights from biology, psychology, and philosophy, Ryan Anderson offers a nuanced view of human embodiment, a balanced approach to public policy on gender identity, and a sober assessment of the human costs of getting human nature wrong.

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