VBS – Midweek Update

We’ve had a great week at Vacation Bible School, as we’ve followed Joseph’s journey from prison to palace!

Joseph in Prison
Joseph in Prison

The kids have enjoyed making their own multi-colored “coats” – just like Joseph’s! Today we worked on shoebox dioramas depicting Joseph’s jail cell and the palace. Also, today was water day for games and from the looks of it, the kids had lots of fun! (I think the leader’s did, too!)

We love the music and lessons we’ve been learning. Parents, we’re anxious to show you what we’ve been learning. Join us Friday for our closing program at 11:00AM.

Each morning we’ve been hearing from Joseph, himself, as he tells his story and truths from the Bible, including: God gives us hope and wisdom. Tomorrow we learn about……I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Summer Recipe: Spiedie Chicken

One of my favorite things about summer is grilling. (Of course, I’ll grill any time of the year. Snow-grilling for the win!) From burgers to smoked seafood, marinated steak to BBQ chicken, there’s nothing that beats grilling in the summer.

Spiedie Marinade
The Original Lupo’s Char-Pit Spiedie Marinade.

At our house, a favorite is Spiedies Chicken.

For the last several years our family has made a trip to My wife’s aunt and uncle’s house. They were the first to introduce us to Spiedies chicken, using the original Lupo’s Char-pit Spiedie marinade, from Lupo’s in Binghamton, New York.

Spiedies Sandwich
A perfect spiedies chicken sandwich!

I’m told the way to prepare it is, to start by cutting skin-less chicken breast into kabob-sized pieces and place in the marinade. Let it set for 24-36 hours in the fridge.

When done, grill on an open fire on kabob sticks. Serve with Italian bread (toasted if you want). You have to be sure to hold the bread in your hand, place the kabob-with-chicken in the rolls (like a hotdog) and grip firmly. Pull out the kabob-stick, leaving you with a chat-pit Spiedie chicken sandwich to enjoy!

What’s your favorite summer time recipe for the grill?

Hashtag GP Summer 2016

A lot of us are on social media. We post about our food, our trips, our weekend plans. We post our lives on Social Media. Do you have a great summer family idea that you want to share with others at Grace Point?

Wherever you’re posting, use the hashtag #gpsummer2016 and your post might be shared on our spaces (Facebook, twitter, Instagram).

Growing in biblical community means learning from one another and learning how to “do life.”

  • Got a great new grilling recipe? #gpsummer2016
  • Capture a great photo heading down the water slide? #gpsummer2016
  • Experience a “God-sighting” on vacation? #gpsummer2016

See you in the Inter-webs!