Communication Requests

Ministry Leaders,

As our church continues to grow, we have an increasing need to keep our church family informed. Whether it via the weekly bulletin, the website, blog, social media, digital displays, Sunday morning announcements, or posters, there are many opportunities to get the word out and to inform people about your ministry and ministry events.

As a staff, we’ve developed a list of Communication Priorities that will drive how we communicate and help us determine what gets communicated. Be sure to view the full chart of Communications Priorities.

Here’s a summary:

  • Large Events (One Winter Night, VBS, etc.)
    • Visible for 2-3 months
    • Prior Notice Required: 4 weeks minimum
  • Medium Events (Retreats, Classes, Food Drive)
    • Visible for 1 month
    • Prior Notice Required: 3 weeks
  • Small Events (Blood Drive, Hymn Sing, etc.)
    • Visible for 2 weeks
    • Prior Notice Required: 2 weeks
  • Tiny Events/Influence (inspirational quote, reminder, etc.)
    • Visible: Less than 5 days
    • Prior Notice Required: 2-5 days

In an effort to help us become more effective and efficient in meeting the many communication requests, please use the form below to submit your communication requests.