Foyer Tables

Our foyer can be a busy place on Sunday mornings! Lots of opportunities to sign-up for events, get information, or enjoy a cup of coffee!

To help us meet your ministry needs, please follow the simple steps below to request a foyer table for your ministry event or activity.

  1. Consider how many Sundays you need a table. Some events and retreats may need more time to allow for sign-ups. (Max = 4 Sundays)
  2. Choose the type of table you’ll need.
    1. The typical table is the “tall round” table. These are great for conversations about your ministry and work well for event sign-ups.
    2. Narrow Registration tables work well for giveaways, handouts, or table-top missionary displays.
  3. Complete the form below and someone from our office staff will contact you if we have any questions.
  4. Thanks!